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What is a Social Impact Agency?

Solution Focused was founded by a social worker who discovered that her mission-driven clients needed better access to resources and revenue.

Solution Focus curates these resources and connects clients to teams closely aligned with their mission and goal. Those teams employ a research-backed, data-driven process to bring a degree of realistic, reasonable improvement to help you build capacity with new resources and revenue as quickly as possible.

This approach was piloted as “Solution Focused Brief Therapy” (SFBT) in the field of mental health services and has been so successful that it is now widely used outside the therapy room in teaching, business management, government, and many other spheres of activity. Learn more about using SFBT in business, here.

By appropriately matching the independent consultants to meet your unique needs and then managing the team and ecosystem of service providers, Solution Focused teams deliver solutions to benefit your business and community.

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