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What is a Social Impact Agency?

Solution focused is a collective of consultants and experts who specialize in a variety of management, marketing and growth tactics. The average team has a combined 50+ years of experience. Our experts range from specialists in marketing, finance and accounting to supply chain and operations.

Based on our client’s needs, goals and objectives, we curate a team of these experts to gather a deep understanding of the business and the market to develop strategies that deliver results.

By appropriately matching the independent consultants to meet your unique needs and then managing the team and ecosystem of service providers, Solution Focused teams deliver solutions to benefit your business and community.

Our proprietary process is designed to be short-term but long-lasting. Our goal-focused approach includes a client-led discovery, co-created strategies and implementation plans, and results in healthy and sustainable solutions for your start-up or small business.

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We offer consulting services to startups and small businesses that have, or want to incorporate, social impact as part of their mission.
Client Led
- The client-led design puts you first and ensures you are leading the development of co-created solutions that meet your needs.

- The primary aim of the Solution Focused process is to focus on needs, not products. We believe that as a social-impact driven company, you want to meet a need or solve a problem first.

- Being client-led for your company means building relationships to meet the needs of your customers and your community → We help you focus your solutions to be relational, not transactional.
Solution Focused
- Solution Focused teams employ a future-oriented, goal-directed approach.

- A short-term goal-focused approach constructs solutions rather than dwelling on problems. We want you to be able to move forward without us, not rely on us forever. Elements of the desired solution often are already present in your existing business model and can become the basis for our strategies going forward. Our teams intervene only to the extent necessary, with services usually lasting for less than nine (9) months.

- We employ a process by which the client co-constructs a ‘solution’ – finding a way forward in collaboration together.
Team Oriented
- We curate the best teams to meet your needs. Once we build that synergy, we manage the process and work hand-in-hand with you and your staff, allowing you to take charge of your new strategies.
- Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds, which allows our approach to be interdisciplinary and wholly integrated.
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